Ulric Joseph is a Trinidadian artist who has lived and worked in the US for the better part of 20 years. He presently lives in Pittsburgh, PA and works in Baltimore, MD. He is a professor at MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art) and has been one for 16 years. His work deals with contemporary issues which he needs to explore for the sake of continued dialogue.


Along with his studio work Ulric works with kids from impoverished neighborhoods in Pittsburgh. He works on art projects within these communities to provide an element of play and to show kids that they can create beautiful things with their hands. He often says he comes from a place that did not see art as a viable profession. Often discouraged from making art, but his desire to create and his sheer persistence brought him to the US on a full scholarship to study art. Art was never seen as an option in his community and this is something he works with these communities to change.

Joseph spent a sabbatical semester painting about the Baltimore, MD riots instigated by the death of Freddie Gray. He witnessed those riots while teaching next door at MICA and tells a story in his paintings that opens very needed conversations about racism in America.