Robyn E. Thompson-Duong is a contemporary realist painter and teacher who lives and works in Boston, MA, working mostly in acrylics. Robyn's current work deals with challenging the societal perceptions and stereotypes of Black femininity and beauty by depicting women of color as Mother Goddess, grand, graceful, and beautiful.  As one of the most appropriated and stereotyped group of individuals, she is seeking to reappropriate the black female image and what it means for me to be a woman of color. 


She draws inspiration from many things including the women in her family and other strong women artists of color, such as Frida Kahlo, Amy Sherald, and Mickalene Thomas. She is also deeply inspired by nature- feeling a deep connection to the natural world.  There is a mystical/spiritual connection to nature and feminism. Nature is itself the ultimate incarnate of femininity, as nature is the mother we all come from. Because of the connection between femininity and nature she includes natural elements such as flowers and mysterious landscapes into her portraits of women of color. By juxtaposing images of brown women with nature, she equates black femininity with that which is the most feminine